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Committees & Volunteers

MPPA is run entirely by volunteers; the organization is led by a Board of Directors elected annually in the fall to serve for the calendar year.  Here's an overview of the officer and director positions, along with examples of tasks that each oversees.  We have lots of volunteer opportunities, with varying levels of time commitment or expectations.  If you see a way in which you might be able to help make MPPA great for all of our members, either contact the director for the particular committee or contact the MPPA President.


The President is responsible for providing leadership to the Association and the Board. The President presides over meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Annual Membership Meeting. The President serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President

The Vice-President provides assistance and support to the President. The Vice-President serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President acts as the presiding officer for meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or the general membership. The Vice-President chairs the Internal Audit committee.

2nd Vice President

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, a comprehensive plan is developed for MPPA training opportunities.  This 2nd Vice President acts as this Director  and plans and manages the presentation of at least two educational workshops for MPPA during the year (although we typically have many more workshops than the minimum).  


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining appropriate records (minutes) of all official Association meetings, including meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. The Secretary maintains the Association files and records of official correspondence. The Secretary shares administrative functions of the Board and Executive Committee with the Treasurer.


The Treasurer administers the fiscal operation of the Association. This includes insuring that the Annual Budget Proposal is prepared and presented to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer serves on the Executive Committee. In collaboration with the Secretary, the Treasurer provides administrative support for the Association.

Volunteer opportunities: assist with entering data into the organization's online bookkeeping system.

Bylaws & Ethics

This Director chairs the Bylaws and Ethics Standing Committee. This position reviews the Association Bylaws and Policies for relevancy. Recommendations and proposals for modification and amendments are brought to the Board from time-to-time. The Director for Bylaws and Ethics manages the handling of complaints against MPPA members, insuring that the Association policies and procedures are followed.


This position manages the membership information database for MPPA. This includes maintaining current membership information on the Association website. The Director of Membership identifies potential members and introduces them to the benefits of MPPA membership. This Director designs and implements a comprehensive membership expansion program.

Print Competition

Serving as Chair of Print Competition, this Director plans and manages the image competitions. This Director also works with co-chair to develop and manage the image competition awards for the Association. This Director helps to plan the awards and recognition portion of the Annual Awards Banquet. 

Volunteer opportunities:  review and prepare images before competitions, operate Lightroom during competition, announce image titles during competition, run the competition control panel during competition, setup and teardown of competition equipment

Juror Oversight

The Juror Oversight committee is responsible for securing judges for MPPA image competitions and ensuring that those judges are properly trained, including periodic "refresher" training for established judges.  The Juror Oversight committee develops and administers MPPA's Juror Development Program.

Internal Audit

Within the first three months of each year, the Vice President heads an Internal Audit committee to review MPPA's financial records and other organizational documents.  The audit committee searches for any discrepancies between MPPA records and those of financial institutions as well as ensures that we're complying with our financial policies and bylaws.  This committee does not include the Treasurer, President, or anyone routinely performing financial duties for the organization.  The Internal Audit committee compiles their

findings into an audit report to be presented to the board of directors.
Volunteer opportunities: assist on the committee to review financial records and ensure policy and bylaw compliance.  This is a short-term opportunity; the work of the committee generally is completed in a month or less.

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