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Facebook Group Guidelines

In order to provide a forum for our members and interested non-members, the Montana Professional Photographers Association maintains one public Facebook group and one Facebook Page. The MPPA Print Competition Group is for events, announcements, and general discussion around professional photography. 

  • Photography events where attendees pay to attend (workshops, seminars, webinars, classes, etc) may not be promoted unless previously approved by the MPPA board or MPPA Education Committee.
  • All discussion should be constructive – while healthy disagreement can occur when discussing photography or industry topics, posts or comments that “flame” or attack another individual will not be tolerated.
  • Sharing images for the purpose of constructive critique is welcome (and encouraged) in the Image Competition group.
  • Sharing images solely for the purpose of sharing images (without any context, relevant discussion, etc.) is considered off-topic – there are many other Facebook groups for image sharing; our groups are for the discussion and advancement of professional photography or for constructive critique.
  • Advertising one’s own business, workshops, or other ventures is not permitted in the MPPA groups.
  • We do not allow “for sale” type posts from folks who are not current members of MPPA (the organization… not just the Facebook group). Current MPPA members may post an occasional item for sale, although the focus of this group is not for gear sales.
  • While we approve new members and occasionally moderate posts, these are public groups; all posts and events are visible to group members.

If you have a question about these guidelines please contact, Leslie Bohle MPPA President or Fallon Mindt, MPPA Business


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