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The purpose of the MPPA Mentorship Program is to provide guidance within our membership to enhance and encourage your photographic and business skills. This is a benefit for members, which is included in your yearly membership.

When applying for this program, every effort will be made to pair you with someone who can help you. It is up to each person to commit to meet and work together. Mentorships will be for a period of 6 months.

Examples of areas you may need help: Posing, lighting, workflow, bookkeeping, families, children, photoshop, retouching, marketing...

Print Competition Mentorship:

MPPA is pleased to offer assistance to members wanting to enter Print Competition. You will be paired with a mentor who can help you select your best images for competition as well as helping guide and prepare you for competition. ALL work MUST be completed by the exhibitor with the mentor used only for guidance and suggestions. This is a great way to grow your skills and meet people who are as excited about competition and learning as you are.

Please choose your application if you want to be a student or a mentor.

Mentorship Coordinator:

Kathy Wierda

20775 Norris Rd

Manhattan, Montana 59741

(406) 282-7115

Contact us @ 

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