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Are you working to get certified? Becoming a CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) is the best way to stand out from the rest of the photography herd… and it boosts your skills and self-confidence in an invaluable way. 

Certification has become so valuable, that PPA now offers 2 certification programs! So if you’re serious about photography, it’s time you become… proudly Certified!

What is Certification? Certification, conferred through PPA, serves to identify professional photographers who have demonstrated technical competence through a written examination and photographic image submission.

The CPP Mission Statement: “To acknowledge and validate a consistent standard by which professional photographers can achieve and maintain a recognizable mark of excellence.”

The Certified Professional Photographer credential was started in 1977 as a way to identify professional photographers who have demonstrated technical competence through a written exam and photographic image submission.

No matter the field, people take certifications very seriously. It’s a way of showing dedication and expertise. Becoming a CPP lets potential clients know that you take your craft – and their needs – seriously.

Certification can give you an edge in:

  • Advertising: Competition is very often fierce among professional photographers, and rising above the rest can be hard. Becoming a CPP instantly distinguishes you as the cream of the crop in professional photography.
  • Pricing: One significant challenge often faced by professional photographers is justifying prices. Clients don’t always understand how or why your prices are set the way they are. However, being a CPP allows you to easily explain the value in choosing your services.
  • Confidence: When prospective clients learn about the effort that goes into becoming a CPP and that you have to recertify every three years, they’ll quickly understand how seriously you take continued education and training when compared to the competition.

As with any certification, there are certain standards that must be met for you to become a CPP.

PPA and the Certification Committee follow certification standards set by the Institute of Credentialing Exellence. These standards are used for the written certification exam and ensure the questions are always relevant and up-to-date.

Interested in taking that next step in your journey as a professional photographer? Great!

Becoming a CPP will take some hard work and dedication, but the results are totally worth it! Learn more about getting started on the path to becoming a CPP by going to PPA'S website

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